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Free your time to do the things you do best; grow your business. You don’t have to meet with numerous media reps or worry about staying within your marketing budget. BDi performs those functions for you. Broadcast services provided include:

  • Television and radio planning
  • Cable placement
  • Creative production and distribution to stations
  • Working within your budget
  • Quarterly meetings

Results are continuously evaluated. There is no set it and forget it philosophy. Conversions to grow your business are the priority.

Contact BDi and start marketing your business the easy no stress way.



BDi takes the mystique out of digital advertising. It’s not rocket science. You just reach out to people and serve them an ad.

It’s as simple as that. BDi manages your digital advertising needs, including:

  • Retargeting
  • Social media advertising
  • SEM
  • Hyper local targeting
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Mobile device IP targeting
  • OTT
  • Video

Contact BDi and start a comprehensive digital plan the easy no stress way.



Through integration, broadcast and digital act as a marketing machine. Broadcast creates the lift for digital and as a result, digital makes the conversion. BDi coordinates the integration of broadcast and digital to bring you quantifiable results. Elements of an integrated campaign include:

  • Creative content that works together across all media platforms
  • Coordinated scheduling of message delivery over selected media platforms
  • Leveraging the strengths of broadcast and digital to create lift

This approach results in greater ROI.

Contact BDi and start an integrated marketing plan the easy no stress way.

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